The domestic manufacturer Beshtau Electron (Essentuki) announced the start of production of Beshtau controlled under the brand name, the first batch of which is about 10,000 units.

While the company started developing the 24-inch M24FHD model, which was being worked on for about two months by foreign specialists, a number of components were not involved in it for its production in Rostov-on-Don.

The novelty evaluates a 23.8-inch IPS or VA matrix (optional), characterized by characteristics of 1920 x 1080 pixels with a viewing angle of 178 °, measurement and contrast ratio of the estimated level of 250 cd / m2 and 1000: 1, respectively. In addition, the monitor is equipped with stereo speakers and an additional set of ports.

Beshtau monitor launched in Russia

Curiously, the manufacturer of the matrix in Beshtau Electronics did not, specifying that in the application of both IPS and VA of various solutions of companies that they named are not stock exchanges, referring to trade secrets.

At the first event, beshtau bot brand monitors will be supplied in state institutions and in pro Manuel lans. At the same time, prices are also not disclosed.

Beshtau monitor launched in Russia

It should be noted that Beshtau Electronics has quite serious plans – mice and panels have already been launched under the Beshtau trademark, monitors with a diagonal of 27 inches are on the way, and system boards are being certified, on the basis of which various models of branded monoblocks and system blocks.

Source: Tech Cult

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