Apple has introduced a new HomePod 2 smart speaker with a more powerful processor and “revolutionary sound.” The gadget determines the distance to the walls and, thanks to the built-in low-frequency microphone, adjusts the sound so that it is not distorted.

Apple introduces new HomePod 2 speaker with ‘revolutionary sound’

The HomePod 2 has become 4 centimeters shorter and 200 grams heavier, according to Apple’s presentation. The device was equipped with a more powerful S7 processor, which is used in the Apple Watch. You can control the device using the touch panel on the cover.

HomePod2 has a 4″ woofer and five tweeters. Using a special microphone in the case, the device measures the distance to walls and adjusts the sound so it doesn’t get distorted.

Two HomePod 2 speakers can be used as a stereo system for Apple TV. Also, the device has a built-in room temperature and humidity sensor. Pre-orders for HomePod2 are now open. Apple is selling the device for $299.

On Tuesday, January 17, Apple introduced a new generation of Mac Mini and MacBook Pro small form factor computers with high-performance M2 processors. Sales are already open: the new MacBook Pro costs from $ 2 thousand, Mac Mini – from $ 600.


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