The first domestic gas turbine with high power, which is part of Rostec, the UEC structure – it is associated with the steam-gas thermal power plant under construction with the name Udarnaya (Krymsk). The new aregat, which watered the GTD-110yu marking, passed the necessary testing with the necessary Ivanovo tests and in the coVEC

Specialists from Gas Turbine Technologies, Inter Rao, as well as UEC-Saturn organizations entering Rostec, worked on the development of the Russian gas turbine. It was manufactured precisely at UEC-Saturn, located in the city of Rybinsk, in the north of the Yaroslavl region.

GTD-110M is the first gas turbine engine of domestic production launched into series, which is distinguished by high power and high power as part of both combined cycle and power plants, delivering a power of about 115 MW and used as part of generating enterprises of the UES of the Russian Federation.

Production of GTD-110M turbines

The current need for energy companies is estimated in dozens of enterprises that produce organizations using programs for the provision of state district power plants, as well as thermal power plants. GTD-110M.

Source: Tech Cult

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