Apple has ceased to be the leader in the ranking of the most expensive brands in the world. The brand of one of the main corporations has dropped in price by 16% during the year, to 297,500 million dollars. Snapchat and Twitter have completely “deviated” from the list of the most expensive global brands.

Apple has lost its leadership in the ranking of the most valuable brands in the world

The annual ranking of the 500 most expensive brands in the world was published by the consultancy Brand Finance.

Experts assess the value of a brand based on analysis of trademarks, intellectual property, brand revenue, and its perception by stakeholders.

Analysts recognized Amazon as the most expensive brand, displacing Apple from the top spot. Amazon’s brand value for 2022 fell 15% to $299.3 billion, while Apple fell 16% to $297.5 billion.

The presence of technology brands in the ranking halved to 48. Alibaba lost 56% of its value and fell in price to $10 billion, WeChat brand valuation fell 19%, to $50, 2 billion, Samsung, 7%, at $99.7 billion. At the same time, LinkedIn increased its price by 49%, to $15.5 billion, Tesla, by 44%, to $66.2 billion.

The Brand Finance ranking includes three Russian brands. Sberbank fell from 156 to 163 during the year, Gazprom from 325 to 420, Lukoil from 360 to 457.


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Source: RB

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