Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago are discovering an inherited, hereditary “repair” of the mammalian brain that can alter digestion, such as cravings for alcohol, as well as various diseases. As expected, the genetic nature has subsided – they are born in adolescence and are shredded.

American researchers have done a lot of work to find the very gene – it turned out to be Arc, associated with the amygdala in the brain, which is a specific regulation of emotional decisions. Alcohol use during adolescence significantly increases gene expression and creates a predisposition to the development of addictions and mental disorders. However, at present, scientists have the technology of changing the genome, than they have been solved with the use of the genome.

To begin with, 10-18-year-old human-equivalent rats are turned into idols, and then the Arc gene is altered using the CRISPR-d ​​Cas9 alcohol tool. In fact, it has been established that he returned to his original state, as he was before the start of fascination with living organisms. As they themselves usually describe the process, they end with a “brain reset to factory settings.” And it worked – the alcoholic rats immediately lost their craving for alcohol.

Scientists have repeatedly rechecked the results of the experiment and came to the conclusion that the “reprogramming” of the brain is indeed the desired result. two conclusions follow. Firstly, bad habits are formed not only because of special problems + Secondly, this process is quite condition.

Source: Tech Cult

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