Renaming your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, Apple Watch, Mac or Apple TV is easy.

As soon as you turn on a new Apple device for the first time, choose a name to identify. This will be the name of the device that appears when we share files or connect it to a computer.

However, you may have skipped this step in this initialization and your iPhone, iPad, Mac or AirPods may be out of name or you may not like the configured name anymore. For these reasons we will tell you today how to rename your apple deviceWhatever.

iphone name

Change your iPhone’s name to make it more personal

How to change the name of your iPhone or iPad?

iPhone and iPad are the most popular devices and that’s why it is important to identify them correctly, especially if there are several in the house. Changing the name of iPhone or iPad was easy, just follow these steps:

  • Open the app on your iPhone or iPad Settings.
  • go to section General > Information.
  • First episode NameYou can easily change the name of your iPhone or iPad if you click on it.

rename iphone

How to change the name of AirPods?

AirPods can also have their own names, so much easier to find and connect them. To change your name, simply follow these instructions:

  • From an iPhone or iPad with AirPods connected, navigate to: Settings.
  • Having AirPods is important. out of the case and connected.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and click the little “i” The AirPods you want to rename are circled in blue.
  • Click now Name and choose the one you like the most.

rename airpods

How to change the name of Apple Watch?

For rename apple watch You will also need your iPhone and after making sure the watch is connected, follow these steps:

  • open app To watch on iPhone.
  • enter inside General > Information.
  • in the first option called Name and you can change it from there.

rename apple watch

How to change your Mac’s name

As we’ve seen so far, changing the name of an Apple device is pretty simple, while a Mac isn’t too complicated.

  • Tap the  icon at the top and then tap . System Preferences.
  • Now we click To sharea small folder with a yellow sign and a small person.
  • first option, computer nameHere you can write the new name.

rename mac

How to change the name of Apple TV

Finally we have the Apple TV. personalize with your own name too fast:

  • Turn on Apple TV and Settings.
  • Click now General and on behalf of.
  • Now you can change the name very easily.

This is how you can change the name of any of your Apple devices, it’s really simple and so you can easily identify them. And remember that every time you restore a device, its name is also restored.

Source: i Padizate

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