The 115 euro discount for the best iPad mini on the market taps into one of its lowest prices

It is one of the most unique and powerful tablets you can buy right now.

This iPad mini features one of the best small screens on a tablet we’ve tested.

you want Refresh your iPad Antique? Many iPad models are currently on sale, from mini to 12.9″ Pro. Today we found a 6th generation iPad mini on Amazon for 533 euros. price 115 euros lower its official value and one of the lowest in history. If you’re looking for an iPad, this is one great opportunity.

The newest band of iPad mini is awesome, it has a panel. grows significantly and improves autonomy strongly. It replicates the design of its larger Pro siblings in a small body that makes good use of it. 64 GB and only the model with WiFi connection is on sale. it’s a dealWell, in other stores like PcComponentes they have it for 619 euros.

iPad mini 6 (64GB, Wi-Fi)

Buy a next-gen iPad mini for much less

This is one of the best tablets you can buy in 2023 with the best price, size and quality ratio. we are in front of a device Made of extremely durable aluminum and very good manageability for its size. there is only 6.3mm thicknessIt’s a transition that few people can reach. He is as light as he is alone, 293 grams and the screen takes up 77% of the front.

ipad mini

Launched in 2021, the iPad mini is the top of Apple’s family of small tablets.

to get on 8.3 inch IPS panel and Full HD resolution (2266 x 1488 pixels), a typical brightness of 500 nits, HDR and True Tone Display It makes the colors so beautiful. The aspect ratio is 3:2, something more like a lifetime iPad. It looks really good on any content be it video, photo, game or live stream. We don’t have a notch for Face ID, but we do we still have Touch IDthis time at the top of the frame.

Carry iPadOS 15, which is a pleasure to see and use. At the level of connectivity we have WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C port to charge and nfc to be able to pair with compatible audio equipment or use Apple Pay. such a tablet works perfectly for presentations, editing heavy documents in office work environments and even sharing high definition videos over WiFi or cable.

has tremendous power Apple A15 Bionic Powered by a 5 nm clock, 5-core Apple GPU graphics chip running at 3.23 GHz, 4GB RAM LPDDR5 and in this case, 64GB storage. This hardware is very powerful and incredible performance, reaching 840,000 points in the Antutu test, at the level of other Android CPUs like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen1.

This iPad mini is a Single 12MP rear camera with optical stabilization capable of video recording 4K at 60fps and slow motion at 240fps. It’s at the level of high-mid-range Android phones or some high-end phones to be a tablet. Its front lens is 12 MP and Wide angle The 120-degree width is perfect for video calls or group photos.

iPad mini 6 (64GB, Wi-Fi)

The battery it installs provides very good autonomy, as with all iPads. it has a lot to do with excellent processor efficiency. In this case we have a 5124 mAh battery, fast charging at 20 W. We can even take advantage of you. wireless chargingbut we will need a slightly larger charging base than usual.

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