Perekrestok, together with Unilever, has installed eight bike racks made from recycled aerosol cans in Saint Petersburg. This was reported by the press service of the network.

Perekrestok installed eight bike racks from recycled cylinders

The material for bicycle racks has been collected since February 2022. Over 11 months, the chain’s visitors brought more than 800 kg of bottles of deodorants, lacquers, etc. to the collection points of the supermarkets.

For a bike rack around 950 of these cylinders are required, from which 50 kg of raw material is obtained.

“Aluminum scrap (recycled) requires around 5% of the production energy that would be spent on primary aluminum packaging. Thus, the neutralization and remelting of aluminum allows us to reduce its carbon footprint and give our products a second life”, explained Anastasia Novak, Head of Sustainability Projects at Unilever in Russia and Belarus.

For the manufacture of the bicycle racks, only half of the collected material was used, the rest of the raw material will be used for other projects.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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