According to information released by the Federal Police last Sunday (8), Criminals are trying to scam people using data obtained from a real Central Bank advantage. in the message, The scammers claim that the victim has R$1,915 to withdraw, thereby stealing the personal data of those who are trapped. coup.

Malicious people send messages via WhatsApp using the signature and fake prints of the Central Bank and promise instant withdrawal of receivables. All people who fall for the scam are informed that they will receive R$1,915, but this information is incorrect.

Scammers ask victims to fill out a form with personal data, including CPF, before alleged payment. According to Pernambuco Federal Police spokesman Giovanni Santoro, the stolen data is often used to open checking accounts and even access victims’ credit cards.

Law enforcement isn’t sure yet, but clicking on the link sent by the scammers could allow criminals to access the smartphone’s information. In any event, victims of the coup are advised to call their state’s Civil Police.

Values ​​in the Central Bank

Do not believe that bank employees approach you via WhatsApp or SMS to find out if you have any value at the Central Bank. Go to the official page of the government to clear your doubts about the amounts to be claimed.

The system was launched in February 2022, but was suspended in May due to a server strike at that time. Now the Central Bank says it will reopen the option to query and redeem blocked balances.

So far, there is still about R$4.6 billion forgotten amount in the Central Bank System of Claims (SVR), of which R$3.6 billion represents 32 million people.

Source: Tec Mundo

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