According to the manufacturer, Philco has announced the launch of the first double basket fryer in Brazil. The Air Fryer Dual Philco PFR3000PI offers simultaneous priming at temperatures ranging from 80ºC to 200ºC for a suggested price of R$999.90.

Each basket offers four liters of capacity and can be operated independently – meaning you can set different temperatures and different cooking times for each. The pods are lined with “Ultramaxx” branded non-stick material, which Philco claims offers easier cleaning and greater durability.

“As the brand’s first major launch in 2023, the Air Fryer Dual Philco has arrived in Brazil with unprecedented innovation to complete our award-winning electric fryer lineup,” said Cristiane Clausen, Philco managing director.

Philco’s new double basket air fryer will be available in two voltage options that we found in Brazil: 127V and 220V. The less energy-hungry model can reach up to 2,000 W, while the 220V option can reach 2,200 W.

Source: Tec Mundo

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