One interesting option in the Apple gadget ecosystem is that you can get just about any mobile tablet with an extra screen for your Mac. The chip appeared a long time ago and many managed to forget about it.

Now all the features of the Sidecar mode of operation and its application are used.

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What you need to work Stroller

To work if necessary, one of the tablets:

ipad 6th generation and newer;
iPad mini 5th generation and newer;
iPad Air 3rd generation and newer;
iPad Pro any version.

The tablet must be running iPadOS 13 or later.

You can use the following computers:

Mac mini 2018 and newer;
Studio Mac;
Mac Pro 2019 and newer;
imac 2017 year or newer;
MacBook Pro/Air 2017 and newer.

The computer must be running macOS Catalina or later.

To the point: How to use a Mac keyboard and track to wirelessly control an iPad or other computer

On PC and tablet you need to use one Apple ID account with two-factor authentication enabled.

Both gadgets must are nearby within the signal range Bluetooth, that is, within a radius of up to 3-5 meters. The chip works wirelessly, connecting the iPad to the Mac with a cable is not necessary.

How to set up Sidecar on iPad and Mac

1. On iPad, health in Settings – General – AirPlay and Handoff and limited occupation Hands off.

2. Good on Mac System Preferences – General – AirPlay and Handoff and activate observables Hands off.

3. On Mac kindness System Settings – Display and press “+”.

four. Your iPad appears in the dropdown list. After this empty space, macOS will expand to the tablet screen.

By default, the iPad becomes the opposite, but you can turn on image repeat with the computer’s main display.

▶ You can also select iPad under Use as specify pictures or screen extension.

▶ You can customize the installation arrangement and indicate the location of the screens relative to each other.

The common border in this case can be transferred to the screen.

▶ In addition, you can open a public Touchpad and Sidebar on the iPad screen to increase the population of the area.

Note that the tablet’s touch screen can be used with a stylus, and attention will only be focused on swipe gestures.

In what scenarios can you use Sidecar

There are more applications in this Apple ecosystem than can be found at first glance. Here are some examples of how to link a Mac computer and iPad:

◉ expand the Mac screen or configure its duplication on the iPad, if you get macOS with touch input;

◉ give a second life to an old Apple tablet, and if it does not pass through the system servers, you can download third-party software;

◉ work at a computer with a sofa or bed;

◉ Replaces the desktop screen of a Mac mini, Mac Studio, or Mac Pro.

Apple allows you to expand the capabilities of each of the gadgets.

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