A partnership between blind and low vision (BLV) users and researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada and the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. a mobile application that allows the visually impaired to enter their PIN codesusing a single large button and a series of haptic vibrations.

The purpose of OneButtonPIN is to serve as a new interface for BLV users to improve not only accessibility but also PIN entry security. In addition to a solution for mobile phone screen keyboards, The application prototype also aims to solve the problem of biometric systems.difficult to update when there are changes in the user’s face or fingerprints.

The program is experimental and not available for download from app stores until this Monday (23).

In one technology test, nine BLV volunteers used the app at least once a day for a week. They were able to enter PINs with an average accuracy of 83.6% versus 78.1% with conventional methods. In a second test, 10 sighted volunteers watched videos of people entering PINs and received the PINs using traditional methods, not when using the app.

How does OneButtonPIN work?

The working basis of OneButtonPIN is a large virtual button on the screen of the smartphone. When the user press and hold this button, the device starts to produce a series of vibrations separated by short pauses. these vibrations – inaudible – they can be felt by the thumb or any finger in contact with the screen.

To enter a number on the mobile phone screen – a banal task, but practically impossible for the visually impaired – the OneButtonPIN user only needs to count the vibrations and release the button as soon as the number of tactile sensations corresponds to the number. wants. To add the next number, simply hold down the button and repeat the process.

ARTICLE ACM Proceedings on Human-Computer Interaction – DOI: 10.1145/3546747.

Source: Tec Mundo

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