Trevor Jacob, 29, posted a video on his YouTube channel in December 2021 called “I crashed my plane” (I crashed my plane). At first you see him calm, flying over the mountains in a small plane. Soon after, it turned out that one of the turbines had failed. He starts shaking in his chair, cursing, you don’t quite understand what’s going on. Next, you see him opening the door and skydiving. Horror. However, it was all a game.

The plane actually crashed. But now Trevor admitted that he he planned everything with the goal of getting more views for his YouTube channel. This was announced yesterday by the US Department of Justice. youtuber he pleaded guilty to obstructing a federal investigation. Now by his grace you can pay 20 years in federal prison.

Trevor, who also snowboarder Olympian, admitted in a guilty plea that never intended to complete the flight. Before taking off on November 24, 2021, Jacob installed several video cameras on the plane and armed himself with a stick to selfie in order to capture a false accident from all possible angles. He also brought, of course, a parachute.

A few days later, Trevor reported the accident to the authorities. He first told investigators that his plane had lost power. He also assured that he did not know where the remains were. Key mistake. In a video he uploaded to his channel a month later, youtuber shows in detail how the ship was abandoned.

YouTube video

Because youtuber would your plane crash?

Is it all for views? Yes and no. Trevor admitted to the authorities that he wanted to make money from the video of the accident. He made a sponsorship deal to promote the wallet on his channel.according to the court order.

There have always been a few strange elements in the video. You see Trevor heading towards Mammoth Lakes (California) with a plastic bag in hand. In it, according to him, he keeps the ashes of his friend, base jumper Johnny Strange, who died in 2015. He then opens the plane’s door before the supposed engine failure is noticed, which the others notice almost immediately. Youtubers specialized in aviation.

Other users also found it suspicious that Jacob was flying with a skydiving parachute, which is not normally used on such small planes. The authorities later discovered that youtuber you have never tried to call air traffic control, restart the engine, or find a safe place to land.

It was already so weird that the US Federal Aviation Administration suggested it was a scam back in April last year, four months after the video was posted. He revoked the pilot’s license and accused him of negligence..

A whole cover operation

It was not an easy step. Youtuber falsified the report of the plane crash and destroyed the evidence. A couple of weeks later, Trevor and his friend flew to the crash site and towed what was left of the plane. In a few days, he dismantled all its parts and put them in different garbage cans in different places.

Trevor later told investigators that he would help them find the remains. However, he later regretted this and said that he did not know his whereabouts. “I’m happy to say that I didn’t crash my plane on purpose to get YouTube views,” said in an interview he gave New York Times in January 2022. He explained that he just has a habit of filming everything he does.

Trevor is expected to appear in court in the coming weeks. What did he win in the end? Three million video views, more than 130 thousand subscribers on his channel and ended up with 20 years in prison.

Source: Hiper Textual

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