The wage gap between men and women in Russia is 28%, the Ministry of Labor reported. At the same time, one in two unemployed people in the country is a woman, and it takes them much longer to find work than men.

Men in Russia earn 28% more than women – Ministry of Labor

Men’s salaries in Russia are on average 28% higher than women’s, said Olga Batalina, first deputy head of the Ministry of Labor. According to her, the wage gap is narrowing, but Batalina did not provide any comparative statistics.

More than half of the population of Russia are women: 77.9 million people. Women also represent 49.4% of all official unemployed. At the same time, the proportion of women employed is about 82% of employees in the field of education, 80% in health care and social service provision.

In the last five years, the list of professions in which women cannot work has been reduced from 456 to 100 positions. The employment rate for women aged 20-49 with small children increased to 67.8% in the same period.

In the summer of 2022, HSE experts estimated the gender wage gap between men and women in Russia at an average of 37%. Analysts cited the dominance of men in large companies, as well as their greater appetite for risk, as the reasons for this gap.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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