Apple plans to increase the location of its production in India by up to 25%. Currently, up to 7% of the corporation’s devices are manufactured in India. Big companies are phasing out their production from China amid a slowing economy.

Apple to make 25% of its products in India – Reuters

Indian Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal told Reuters in an interview that Apple wants to increase the share of its own Indian-made products to 25%. According to Goyal, at the moment this share is 5-7%. The minister did not name the timing of the implementation of Apple’s plans, the company did not comment on his statement.

By the end of 2022, Apple has doubled iPhone exports from India. Apple’s contractors in India (Wistron, Foxconn and Pegatron) have exported $2.5 billion worth of smartphones.

Large global corporations are partially shifting production to India, Vietnam and Taiwan amid a slowdown in the Chinese economy.

In early January, the Financial Times reported that Apple had started hiring in India. This signals the imminent opening of Apple’s first flagship stores in the country, the newspaper noted.


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