The American hedge fund Citadel set an absolute record in the market and became the most profitable in the history of the industry. By the end of 2022, the fund returned $16 billion to investors, though global hedge funds collectively suffered a loss of $208 billion.

The Citadel hedge fund sets an absolute record in the investment market

The Financial Times reports on a significant achievement in the history of hedge funds. Citadel, run by its founder Kenn Griffin, returned $16 billion to customers in 2022, an all-time industry record.

Government bonds played an important role in Citadel’s success, the newspaper suggested, but the structure of the assets that generated the most profit was not disclosed.

Citadel’s $16 billion fund broke the record held by investor John Paulson, who in 2007 bet on the collapse of the mortgage bubble and made $15 billion in one year.

By the end of 2022, the 20 most effective global hedge funds generated a total profit of $22.4 billion for their clients. Overall, the industry ended the year with a loss of $208 billion, the “least” of funds not included in the top 20. averaged 8.2%.


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