The iPhone 13 Pro Max came to me almost immediately after the release in the fall of 2021. Almost at the same time, my colleague also got a “plug” at that very moment.

Immediately after the presentation of fresh apple smartphones in 2022, I believe that at least a few important suppliers to choose 13 Pro Max for using a device with a dynamic island, and I did not find. Even the battery condition of my smartphone, a year later, was revealed: wear is only 2 out of 100%.

I remember that at that time they were still comparing the condition of the battery with a colleague who has the same 13 Pro Max with a similar service life. His battery wear was significantly higher, 14%.

And then in November and December, I got hooked on mobile games. Constantly stuck in Vampire Survivors and Wreckfest, mostly in the evenings.

Then I put my smartphone on charge and calmly fell asleep.

And now I accidentally discovered the state of the battery and was unpleasantly surprised: for a month and a half, mobile games fixed the resource of my battery in the iPhone 13 Pro Max!

It was 98%, but it became …

The current state of my battery on iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Now my battery health is 90%. Such a sharp decline occurred in just a month and a half. Including the fact that I do not use wireless, external power supplies and wires charging, I only charge my iPhone with a complete charger, I have no explanation for such a sharp degradation of the battery.

Except one: mobile games are to blame.

The statistics are relentless. The average time I use my smartphone per day is 6 hours, with exceptions. The set of applications that I often use has also not changed for a year and a half – these are mainly instant messengers, browsers, Apple Music, Books and YouTube.

The smartphone lasted more than a year with a decent battery condition. I think that 2% wear was a great indicator. But it was worth starting to play with toys, as the battery began to “lose” sharply.

On the left, the wear of the iPhone 13 Pro Max battery in a year. On the right – a month and a half.

Now I have uninstalled both games that I mentioned above and continue to monitor. However, something tells me that my responses are correct: a colleague also likes to walk in his free time in the magical world of Genshin Impact, it is because of this that his battery has already dipped to 86%.

Released from iOS 16 in September 2022. But then again, my colleague and I rolled up On other smartphones, almost simultaneously, there were no changes in the percentage of accumulation of resources, as well as on him.

I wonder how things are with the battery for active users of Apple Arcade? It seems to me that the owners of iPhone batteries have an even more deplorable situation.

Take care of your iPhones, stop playing games.

To the point:

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Source: Iphones RU

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