Technology is showing up more and more in everyday life. The authorities of many countries are uploading that this is necessary to ensure the safety of citizens. So that their faces can be recognized. The task, over which the best minds of the planet struggle, was solved by the designers of the Capable fashion house from Italy.

Designers carefully pay attention to the logic of the thrift systems. They use the database of photographs and compare each captured face with it until an unexpected match. What if a person is passed off as an animal? This idea was implemented by me in a new collection of days. The key application, uniting all things, was the incredibly bright and colorful coloring. Due to this, the remnants of the systems remain “believes” that it is not a person who appears in front of him.

Of course, you can always hide from the camera by simply wearing a mask. But clothes from Capable allow you to “stay in the shadows” without hiding your face. Any government or a cool corporation can upholster and recognize people in bright images, poeoe? But, most likely, it is unbelievable for them to do this – the cost of any items from the “bright” Capable collection is calculated in m. It is unlikely that such clothes will become possible, because they can be hidden from cameras, completely German legs.

Source: Tech Cult

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