There are still cases of increased cyclist protection, including helmets, special vests, knee pads and elbow pads – but, as practice shows, this is not enough. In&Motion (France) has developed the Stan system based on the patented In&box technology, which should make cycling much safer.

The system contains a bicycle backpack, an airbag and an electronic module that monitors the condition of the cyclist and activates protection in case of an emergency. Trials of a large number of people

Backpack for bicycle

How to buy from a company, with the threat of falling pillows, Stan produces in a tenth of a second. If an emergency call is required, the user can get a smartphone app and even report their coordinates via GPS.

A big advantage of Stan is a roomy and attractive-looking 18-liter backpack, where, in addition to a pillow, personal items, as well as a laptop and a smartphone, can be easily placed.

In & Motion has not yet announced the start of mass production and continues its own brainchild.

Backpack for bicycle

Source: Tech Cult

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