The Russian government has approved a strategy for the development of the financial market until 2030. The document was drawn up in conjunction with the Central Bank, the regulator supports these plans.

Companies from friendly countries will have easier access to the Russian stock market

Among the initiatives, investors and companies from friendly countries will have easier access to the Russian stock market, Izvestia learned.

The document also proposes to improve tax conditions for foreigners, including in the field of remote identification. There are also plans to develop the issuance of securities in the Russian jurisdiction by foreign companies.

The Moscow stock exchange and brokers supported the initiatives. The players pointed out that the main advantage is to increase liquidity and that the Russian market will be the most attractive for investors from Asia and the Middle East.

Banks from friendly countries may also be allowed to open branches in Russia. It is much easier to open a branch: they are not required to report to the regulator every month, create reserves and meet many other requirements. This will help attract foreign investment in the future.


karina pardaeva

Source: RB

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