Motorola has launched a new security solution for smartphones this Tuesday (24). Moto Safe. Available on devices with Android 13, it is based on the ThinkShield platform from Lenovo products and promises to create layers of protection at the hardware and software level.

Moto Secure can be found in a separate app on the company’s mobile phones. Initially, it’s already installed on the Moto G73 5G and Moto G53 5G models, in addition to the ThinkPhone announced at CES 2023, which was also announced today, but can be downloaded by any other currently updated model.

The company is talking about the solution works as a security hubwhere the user can configure different functions, Like a secure folder and shutdown blocking of Wi-Fi or 4G/5G networks.

Functions of Moto Secure

One of Moto Secure’s security tools fully prevents someone from turning off mobile networks or smartphone Wi-Fi.

Motorola Screen Lock

“Previously, for example, a thief could shut down your mobile or Wi-Fi networks and prevent you from finding your lost device,” the company says. When the function is enabled, smartphone is prevented from disabling connections until unlocked.

already Secure Folder it works as the name suggests: it creates a “hidden” folder in the middle of your apps (and with a different password than the system itself) where you can add the most important ones like banking or email. This folder also allows you to “hide” apps with customizable icons and names, making them harder to find quickly.

Motorola Secure Folder

Another Moto Secure-enabled tool minimizes “risks when connecting to public Wi-Fi and cellular networks.” With network protectionIn addition to preventing sensitive applications from accessing that network and 2G connections that are considered less secure, the user is notified when a connection is not secure.

Finally, the innovation integrates a “new” way to unlock with a PIN. Instead of displaying the numeric keypad, the software messes up the layout as it already happens with bank apps.

Motorola cell phone users will also find the Privacy Dashboard on Moto Secure. Here you can control and manage app permissions and change settings.

Source: Tec Mundo

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