If you are one of those who have an account, Disney+ platform, we have good news for you. These are the contents that the company currently plans to reach. Premiere in February 2023. There are both movies and serials and of course something new will suit you to pass the time.

One of the shows that point to very good morals. busy time. This local creation opens on February 15th and shows someone’s cruelest face when they realize that their life can be turned upside down. The death of a lover triggers it all, and a successful journalist sees how everything he’s built falls apart, and then manipulation begins everywhere. A good thriller.

You shouldn’t miss either Fleishman is in trouble.It will premiere on Disney+ on February 22. It’s a simple story that the freedom achieved through a break seems like the panacea many believe in… but that’s not always the case. Further complicating matters is the arrival of the protagonist’s children before his ex-wife goes missing. It’s an easy and fun story to watch. The cast is good, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Claire Danes.

Other premiere series that premiered this month on Disney+:

  • The Prouds: Louder and Prouder: Season Two Premiere on February 1
  • Invisible girl: February 15

Great movie coming to Disney+ in February 2023

One of the games published under the Marvel label, which is part of the holding that the platform belongs to, has arrived. Opens on the first day of the month Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It’s a good option if you like action and special effects, because the movie serves both. But look no further for a story focused on how Wakanda lived when King T’Challa disappeared. It’s the perfect opportunity to watch with the little ones at home, and it shows how Disney has a talent for creating movies that make a visual impact. Ideal for a Sunday afternoon.

That’s all Disney+ has to offer as it premieres in February 2023. options that will surprise you (especially as to what it has to do with the sequence chosen by the VOD service).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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