M&M’s, a drag chocolate brand owned by Mars Inc., has announced that it will phase out its signature talking candy from ads. about that informed M&M press service on Twitter.

M&M’s decided to ditch its branded talking candy in advertising

“Over the past year, we’ve made a few changes to our favorite sweet spokespeople. We weren’t sure if anyone would notice. And we definitely didn’t think it would blow up the internet. But now we get it, even cuddly shoes can be divisive. This is the last thing M&M’s wanted as we all strive to bring people together,” the post on M&M’s Twitter account read.

According to the brand’s press secretary, the place of the anthropomorphic dragees will be occupied by the American actress, singer and comedian Maya Rudolph. In addition, the celebrity will star in the new M&M’s commercial. It is scheduled to be released in time for the Super Bowl, the final game of the National Football League.

Even though the brand has a new representative, the talking candies will remain on M&M’s social media accounts, writes the Wall Street Journal.

In 2022, the brand has changed the look of its signature characters. Notably, Green “changed her shoes” from high heels to tennis shoes. This decision was made to avoid the objectification of the female image.


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