In preparation for arrival Kang the Conqueror through Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is also laying the groundwork to eventually integrate other relevant villains into the comics. Especially those who are part of X-Men.

Due to licensing and rights issues, the Marvel Cinematic Universe couldn’t count on the characters from the first installment. X-Men within its phases. But that all changed after Disney closed the Fox purchase, the franchise has essentially already hinted at the existence of mutants and introduced the excess through its series and movies.

In this sense, with the advent of mutants and X-Menat some point, the possibility of the arrival of their opponents on Marvel Cinematic Universe. What villains could appear on the big screen or in one of the series that will develop in the future? We offer five options.

villains X-Men what may come
to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Considering that the inclusion of a new group of characters is not an easy task, it is likely that the appearance of some villains from X-Men to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is made from figures known to the general public. While other sagas allow the use of not-so-famous characters, perhaps this time they will try to take firm steps rather than experiment.

Based on this, there are at least five options.


Magneto-Marvel-Comics in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness introduced Professor X, Charles Xavier. Although this was a variant that did not go down in history, this is an obvious first hint at X-Men. What’s going on with your body? It has to do with Magneto. He is also the father of the Scarlet Witch. His possible inclusion is also related to the creative debate: this is a character that has a heroic side to it. So which version of them will dominate the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


Mystery, Marvel Cinematic Universe, X-Men

One of the most recognizable characters from previous movie adaptations. His ability copy the outfit of any human or mutant, thanks to the modification of its cells, makes it an attractive option. It’s in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is prone to speculation and sections that get progressively more complicated – not too much.

Omega network


This villain draws energy from his opponents.. He is a mutant born in Russia. This data can be helpful as the Marvel Cinematic Universe usually relies on these details to recreate various political tensions between United States of America and that country. His first appearance in comics was in X Men, vol. 2, no. 4, by Jim Lee D John Byrne.


Apocalypse, X-Men

This character is recognized as one of the world’s first mutants and one of the classic villains. X-Men. Was created Louise Simonson D Jackson Guys. He debuted on the pages of X – Factor No. 5, published 1986. Some of this character’s abilities are related to celestial technologies. About the last ones, the heavenly ones, there were already clues in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the time eternal.​


Mojo, X-Men

This figure was created Ann Nocenti D Art Adams. His appearance in the comics took place in long shot No. 3, published in 1985. Mojo belongs to a group of characters identified as the “Invertebrates”, an extraterrestrial race that is too dependent on their technology to be able to mobilize and attack.

At the moment, there is no further evidence that these characters are close to the story. However, in the not-too-distant future, they may be considered in relation to their tradition and the context in which the Marvel Cinematic Universe is located.

Source: Hiper Textual

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