his arrival Widgets for Windows 11 did not create excessive expectations among users. However, as time passes, this situation changes and companies are aware of this. For this reason, many are developing their own business to meet the demands. It’s on another level, but something similar to WhatsApp statuses is happening (little used them at first, and now it’s almost basic for the vast majority of people).

The truth is that one of the services running streaming and being one of the most used services worldwide is known to have its own in a very short time. we talk about spotifyIt is the cloud music service that has the highest number of users today and has both free and paid services. Fortunately, he The new widget in preparation for Windows 11 can be used on both..

Increased ease of use

In a way, this is the big advantage that Windows 11 widgets offer. quite fluent -and without having to exit the active application on the computer- you can access. good amount of features simply by clicking the lower right corner of the screen. Therefore, it is logical that many companies decide to try such tools, given that users finally understand and like how it works.

Spotify Widget for Windows 11


In case of development of Spotify, what will be available for now is, access to lists it is in the active profile and in this way it is possible to listen to any of them by clicking on the corresponding icon. It will then be possible to control reproductions as simple as skipping a song or pausing something being played. And all this without the need to open the service application. Therefore, excessively no resources are consumed With Windwos 11, the device is always the most convenient.

The arrival of the widget in Windows 11

Currently, as Microsoft has announced itself, the new Spotify widget (and yet another new one that has to do with Phone Link) is available for developers in build 25290. But the application is expected to be almost automatic, so everything same month of February 2023 This innovation will be rolled out in one of the company’s planned updates. The truth is useful, yes it seems.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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