Facebook announced on Thursday the 23rd that new conversational features are available in Messenger for chats with end-to-end encryption. A more secure and private version of the chat will gradually be made available to all users.

Messenger features, now also available in encrypted chats, include:

  • themes in chat: possibility to choose colors, backgrounds and other options of genre in conversations.
  • Custom reactions and emojis: Full emoji menu for reactions in messages and possibility to choose which ones appear in the “quick reaction” tray.
  • profile pictures for groups: Allows you to select an image from the message group, as in WhatsApp.
  • Link preview: Links sent in chat automatically load a preview.
  • activity status: Appears when you are active in Messenger for contacts. It is possible to turn off the option.
  • Bubbles on Android: Messenger’s “classic” feature allows a ball to appear with the contact’s photo when the contact sends a message, allowing you to reply while you’re using other apps or navigating the system.

Expanding encrypted chats

End-to-end encryption should enter more conversations in the coming months. The global distribution of the resource has already begun, but according to Meta it is completely random. The change highlighting the company is made automatically and notifies the user when it occurs.

Facebook’s plan is to eventually do all Messenger conversations with the extra security feature common to other messaging apps, including WhatsApp, which also belongs to Meta.

Source: Tec Mundo

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