It hasn’t been long since then Windows 11 File Explorer there is a very important and useful update: the introduction of tabs to this tool, which allows to manage open ones much more efficiently. Looks like the Redmond company won’t stop here and already has a new development A good amount of information is known about it.

As can be seen in the image published with this change, it is clearly seen that the integrated application that we mentioned belongs to one of Microsoft’s internal models. It fits the design that Windows 11 currently has much better. Therefore, we are talking about a more modern and convenient aspect – because new options are included for you to take a look and learn more. And this is the basis for being much more productive.

Some parts to be improved in File Explorer

As can be seen in the photo we left behind this paragraph, one of the important top buttons like search bar. You can see that everything is much cleaner and therefore recognizable. This will allow users to perform actions in a much more intuitive way. Also this benefits of using eyelashesbecause access is more convenient with the mouse, which is an important step because some people complain that they can’t access the menus because they get stuck too much.

In addition, new partitions appear, as they are called. suggested. In it you will get options that may be of interest to the user when using the Windows 11 operating system.So it will be possible to view text documents; pass through images; to e-mails that are used regularly on a daily basis. Therefore, important steps will also be taken to turn File Explorer into one. tool to increase productivity.

New Windows 11 File Explorer

window center

In the meantime, there is one thing that is particularly important and will be key to many: Tighter integration with Microsoft 365Which will increase simplicity when using the tools and options offered by Redmond company in this service.

this update coming

This doesn’t look like it’s going to be close as we’re talking about the information being static images owned by Microsoft and nothing in any test version of Windows 11. But the truth is that changes are intended. being pretty positive if we add everything that has to do with more details visible from each file. This would undoubtedly make the app one of the best, or even the best, on the market, including the one for macOS.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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