A liquidator has been appointed to the company, which indicates that the process of going abroad has started. As noted, contracts with employees at Ingenico are valid until February 15, 2023, with departure on March 1 and device support shutdown scheduled for late March. At the same time, the company itself did not make any official statements about leaving Russia.

It is not known how much the departure of this company from Russia will cost Russian organizations. The cost of one POS terminal is 150-160 US dollars, so it is unprofitable for banks to replace all devices at once. Most likely, the replacement will be implemented piecemeal.

“The appointment of a liquidator is an external sign that the business termination process has begun. The purpose of the liquidator is to collect all the assets of the liquidated person, to fulfill or fulfill the unpaid obligations of the legal entity, preferably without dispute, to arrange property auctions if there are not enough funds. Rustam Kurmaev and Partners law firm.

Source: Ferra

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