The grocery basket of Moscow university dormitory students consists mainly of healthy products, SberMarket found out. On the occasion of Student’s Day, the company carried out a study in which it analyzed what is most ordered to the dormitories of MEPhI, RANEPA and Moscow State University.

Analysts learned the most popular products from students of Moscow universities

It turned out that the 7 most popular products consist entirely of vegetables and fruits. Bananas are in particular demand among students – they are included in every fifth order. Second place is shared by onions and tomatoes, which account for 10% of all food orders. In third place were mandarins (9%). Students also often buy carrots, cucumbers, and oranges.

The delivery peak is in winter, and in summer the number of orders is almost halved. SberMarket analysts explain such dynamics by the departure of students from dormitories for vacation. However, during the summer session, before the holidays, students ask for 34% more than during the winter session.

In summer, student baskets are replenished with apples, potatoes and kiwi, and in winter, bread, sour cream and milk are more often ordered.

In January of this year, salty peanuts (5%) and chicken fillet (4%) appeared on the list of students’ favorite foods.

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Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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