AhGoogle stop! Just a few days after the long-awaited update chrome 109Now the tech giant has revealed a new development in the web browser. More precisely, this development has not been announced yet, but was discovered by a Reddit user. The improvement is about a function added to the downloads. Google Chrome and what it does beyond revolutionizing the browser is to benefit the user experience. Obviously, it’s about downloading files.

This is the new function of downloads in Chrome

It should be noted that this Google Chrome update regarding downloads is not available to everyone. In fact, only the so-called “Canary version” exists. This is basically a “test ground” where the tech company conducts its experiments, changes and updates before finally releasing them to the global user market.

However, you may be wondering what the change in Google Chrome downloads is. Very easy. It is a kind of indicator that shows the number of simultaneous downloads that have taken place. So, be it two, three, four or more, it will let you know the number of files you have downloaded from this browser.

Google improves file downloads in Chrome with a very interesting function

Android Police

In short, we are here with a download counter added to the improvements brought by the Google Chrome update. The number appears in the upper right next to the classic symbol of online downloads. The number will vary depending on the number of simultaneous downloads you perform. If you have finished a download and there are still pending ones, the deviation will also show up.

When will we see this in the regular version of Google Chrome?

On the other hand, if you click on the number associated with Google Chrome downloads, a drop-down menu will open for you to review. what files did you download now. The classic “Show all downloads” remains to open a tab in any browser where you can do a much more thorough review of this core functionality.

It is unknown when this improvement will apply to Chrome downloads within the Google browser. However, considering it’s already in the Canary version and the tech giant has recently updated its browser… Everything indicates that it will not take long for us to get used to this new function. this improves the user experience in downloading files.

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