In the Avito service, it will be possible to verify the originality of branded clothing, the company’s press service reported.

Avito will launch a brand clothing authentication service

Last fall, the service launched authentication for footwear and accessories. For several months, 2.5 thousand sellers used the service, and more than 9 thousand products received the “Original” mark. The company claims that the badge, which indicates the authenticity of the copy, attracts 25% more attention from users.

Authentication is carried out using a photograph, a series of images are examined by experts, after which they issue their conclusion. Each product is reviewed by two to four experienced authenticators. In case of successful verification, the ad receives a special “Original” badge, and also falls into a separate filter of the same name on the site.

All categories of clothing are available for authentication, with the exception of children’s, from the mass market to the luxury segment in the range from 3 to 150 thousand rubles.

How merchant-side authentication works

After placing an ad, the system automatically determines the possibility of verifying the products and sends a notification. If the seller agrees, the platform will send the photo requirements. On average, authentication takes about a day.

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Buyers, when choosing products on Avito, will be able to set filters so that the system displays only verified items. And when buying through Avito Delivery, a photo will be sent to the customer. Using them, you can assess the merchandise at the pickup point and ensure that the authenticated item was shipped.

According to Aleksey Kozlovsky, head of the Lifestyle category at Avito, last year, due to the departure of popular brands Zara, Adidas, Nike, H&M from Russia, their sales on the site doubled. Items from the luxury segment are also popular, Kozlovsky notes.

Verification can only be done through the mobile application of the service. At the initial stage, the service will be free. When sellers test the functionality, the company will introduce a fee.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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