The Yandex.Taxi aggregator recognized the success of the experiment on car leasing and will launch a separate company in this direction, RBC reports, citing a representative of the service.

“Yandex” will launch a separate company with car leasing for taxi drivers

The company has expanded leasing services for partner taxi companies by increasing the number of cars offered by foreign and Russian brands to 10,000.

Services will be provided by Flot LLC, which is the Russian Yandex in mid-2021. In 2022, the company received the necessary regulatory approvals for core activities, including registration with Rosfinmonitoring, but still operates unbranded.

In the past year, Flot has made several trial deals, under which about 1,000 cars have been leased to taxi companies in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. As a result, Yandex.Taxi decided to expand the number of vehicles potentially offered to taxi companies to 10,000.

The company did not specify which particular car brands will be offered to the partners, adding that they are already streaming Russian and Chinese models available in the country. In 2023, Yandex will look for cars in the budget segment – the company needs reliable, inexpensive and easy-to-maintain models.

Automakers will supply cars to dealers, then leasing company Flot will buy them and lease them to taxi companies, a Yandex.Taxi representative explained about the procurement scheme.


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Source: RB

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