YouTube channel specialist RandomGaminginHD tested the builds with GT 610, GT 710 and GF 210 graphics cards in five modern games. How big is the difference between them?

In GTA 5 with 50% Scaling, lowest graphics settings and 720p, the average frame rate was 22 fps with the GF 210, 35 fps with the GT 610, and 51 fps with the GT 710.

CS:GO launched with the Lowest preset at 720p. With the GF 210 we managed to average 22fps in this case, 38fps with the GT 610 and 68fps with the GT 710.

Skyrim was running on a low 720p preset. Averaged 19 fps (with GF 210), 35 fps (with GT 610) and 57 fps (with GT 710).

Average performance in Call of Duty Black Ops at 720p at low graphics settings was 21 fps (GF 210), 48 fps (GT 610), 86 fps (GT 710).

Crysis ran at 720p with the Low preset. Average FPS in it was 29fps with the GF 210, 44fps with the GT 610, and 73fps with the GT 710.

Of the three video cards tested on a limited budget, it only makes sense to take the GT 710 for games.

And on average across all five games, the difference between the GT 710 and the GT 610 was 67.5% (67 fps and 40 fps), the difference between the GT 710 and the GF 210 – 191% (67 fps and 23 fps ).

Source: Ferra

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