In 2023-2024, they plan to start producing Wi-Fi 6 routers in Russia. The Ministry of Digital Development is responsible for the project. This is reported in the “New Industrial Software” (NIPO) roadmap.

Wi-Fi 6 routers will be produced in Russia

By the end of 2024, they need to organize production, organize the supply of components and the sale of finished devices. At least 500 thousand devices must be shipped to customers, Izvestia writes.

According to the head of TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov, there are now manufacturers of Wi-Fi routers based on imported components in Russia, but devices for Wi-Fi 6 are not produced yet.

Wi-Fi 6 will offload low frequencies, which are already used by many devices that support older Wi-Fi standards, as well as Bluetooth, another source said.

At the end of December 2022, the State Radio Frequency Commission allowed the use of 5.9-6.4 GHz frequencies for Wi-Fi 6E in offices and residential buildings. The standard allows you to increase the speed of wireless Internet access and is possible on all modern devices, but it has not been legalized in Russia.

A month earlier, Russian telecom operators asked the government for more than 11 billion rubles to replace technologies from manufacturers that had halted deliveries to Russia. In total, the development will require more than 31.5 billion rubles. We are talking about the development of Wi-Fi access points, set-top boxes, routers, switches, radio relay systems, etc.


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Source: RB

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