Beeline filed a lawsuit against the Central Bank, the sporting goods retailer Decathlon decided to sell its business in Russia, China became the leader in supplying cars to Russia and other events on January 25.

Beeline filed a lawsuit against the Central Bank, Decathlon decided to sell its business in Russia: the main thing January 25


  • A SberMarket study showed that students at Moscow universities often ask for healthy food. The favorite foods of the top 7 students are all fruits and vegetables.
  • Roskachestvo will review toys depicting Cheburashka. The success of Dmitry Dyachenko’s film caused a stir, so many products of different quality appeared on the market, the ministry said.

  • The State Duma is discussing the form of taxation under the draft law on mining. It is planned to establish an analogue of a single tax on imputed income, where the rate varies from 7 to 15%, or a 20% income tax.

  • The commissioning volume of new retail spaces in Russia for the year dropped three times to 305 thousand square meters. m. The indicator has become minimal in the last 20 years. In the regions of Russia (excluding Moscow) only 12 new shopping centers were put into operation.


  • Natalia Kasperskaya decided to launch her own brand of milk and dairy products. Ecofarm Polnaya Kotomka LLC was registered on January 24 in Serpukhov. Analysts did not see much business prospects in this area. They doubt that something new can be achieved in this field.

  • One of the world’s largest plywood producers has sold its business in Russia. The Finnish UPM owned two companies: their total annual revenue exceeds 26 billion rubles. After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, UPM’s business in Russia is inactive.
  • Tochka Bank has launched a free supplier search service in Turkey for entrepreneurs. It allows you to find partners, conclude a deal with them and arrange the delivery of goods to Russia. The company believes that this will make it possible to find a replacement for European products, manufacturers of its own brand and expand the product line.

  • Russian companies received an additional 600 billion rubles in tax payments and fines in 2022. This is twice as much as in 2021.
  • MTS filed a lawsuit against the FAS for disagreement with the accusation of unjustified rate increases. After its growth by 20%, the department issued an order to reduce the fees to an economically justified level. MTS disputed the allegation, citing incorrect forecast calculations for the revenue-expense ratio.
  • The owner of “Beeline” – “Vymplekom” – filed a lawsuit against the Bank of Russia. The operator decided to challenge the regulator’s decision on bond payments from foreign companies.
  • French sporting goods retailer Decathlon has decided to sell its business in Russia, sources have told RBC. The company in the country owns at least 135 thousand square meters. m. of commercial real estate.
  • Unlike television and the Internet, radio advertising sales in 2022, according to Kommersant, did not fall and even managed to show an increase of 5-10% by 2021.
  • International POS terminal provider Ingenico may leave Russia in March, sources told RBC. The company’s solutions are used by Sberbank, VTB and Promsvyazbank.


  • As of February 1, Raiffeisenbank will stop accepting dollars, euros and other foreign currencies at its ATMs. The credit institution noted that this measure will increase the availability of ATMs for transactions in rubles.


  • The Yandex.Taxi aggregator recognized the success of the car leasing experiment and will launch a separate company in this direction. Yandex has increased the number of cars of foreign and Russian brands to 10,000 and will offer them to partner taxi companies.

  • By the end of 2022, China became the leading country importing cars to Russia. Import for the year increased by 40%.
  • The average check on carsharing services increased by 28%. Market participants do not expect a decrease in prices for car rental services this year, Kommersant writes.
  • Kamaz announced the start of tests of unmanned trucks. The tests will take place on the M-11 Neva highway between Moscow and St. Petersburg.


  • Yandex.Lavka started using the Live Activity interactive messaging feature on the iOS platform. This will allow the service to display the order status directly on the iPhone’s lock screen, without the need to open the app. Later, such an opportunity will also appear in other Yandex services, where users need to monitor changes in the status of the order, both in Food and in Go when ordering a taxi.

  • Avito will launch a brand clothing authentication service. Previously, this service was only available for shoes and accessories.
  • The Apple App Store has stopped opening in Russia without a VPN. Also, without a VPN, Steam, Microsoft sites did not open for a short time. com, playstation. com, xbox. com and others.


  • L’Etoile has integrated AI into its social media. As part of the experiment, the neural network will show what the composition of cosmetics and products from famous brands would look like.


  • In 2023-2024, they plan to start producing Wi-Fi 6 routers in Russia. The Ministry of Digital Development is responsible for the project. At least 500,000 devices must be shipped to customers.


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