The commissioning volume of new retail spaces in Russia for the year dropped three times to 305 thousand square meters. m. The indicator has become minimal in the last 20 years. In the regions of Russia (excluding Moscow) only 12 new shopping centers were put into operation.

The start-up of new commercial spaces in Russia fell three times during the year

If in 2021 913 thousand sq. m of retail space, then in 2022 this figure was reduced three times, to 305 thousand square meters. M. This is stated by the IBC Real Estate study.

In Moscow, 11 new shopping centers were put into operation, with a total area of ​​126 thousand square meters. m. Compared to 2021, volumes fell 2.8 times. In the regions of Russia, 12 shopping centers appeared, the total area of ​​​​which amounted to 179 thousand square meters. m is three times less than in 2021.

The largest new shopping center in Moscow in terms of area was the multifunctional complex Sun of Moscow (21,000 m2), in the regions – IMALL Esplanda of Perm (40,000 m2) became such.

According to analysts, the number of commercial premises put into operation in 2022 turned out to be the lowest in the entire history of observations, that is, in the last 20 years.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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