Chinese Xiaomi and Honor have resumed recruitment for their Russian offices, as reported by Izvestia with reference to the websites of recruiting agencies.

It is obligatory to search for specialists in logistics, distribution, and the purchase of advertising in the media and from bloggers. All vacancies are published from December 30 and later.

Both Xiaomi and Honor are investigating the possibility of capturing corporate brands in Russia, according to interviewed experts.

Now there are several security measures in the Russian market. The first is when the company itself is engaged in promotion and marketing, the second is when activities are carried out through partners, and the third is when the company opens a representative office under a different name.

The fact that they reopened a vacancy in the country is a positive signal, it can confirm that the company has refused to return to international statistics.

— agency agency PR Perfect Kristina Petrova

Izvestia’s sources noted that honor has canceled completely the “silence regime” introduced in March last year, when all promotional activities and deliveries were suspended. However, the company’s equipment is imported through parallel imports. [Известия]

Source: Iphones RU

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