At the end of 2022, 3 million smart speakers were sold in Russia, a representative of M.Video-Eldorado told Vedomosti.

This is 2.3 times more than last year and 6 times more than in 2020. At the same time, Russians purchased about a third of all speakers sold in December.

The average bill for a smart speaker was 8,000 rubles, and the total sales volume is 24 billion rubles.

The best-selling ones were Yandex Stations. Last year, about 2 million Yandex Stations were sold, thanks to the fact that the company occupied 89% of the market. VK with capsules occupied 9% of the market, Sberbank – 1%, and other manufacturers shared another 1%.

In total, about 5 million smart speakers operate in Russia. By 2024, their number will increase to 9-9.5 million. [Ведомости]

Source: Iphones RU

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