To delight MacBook owners, Google has posted a novelty on the Chromium Blog: A recent Chrome update promises to maximize battery life on an Apple device. It focuses on rescuing users who switch to Safari, Apple’s native solution, to an optimized browser to match the brand’s hardware and software.

According to the publication, 13-inch MacBook Pro M2 users will be able to surf the web for 17 hours or watch YouTube for 18 hours on a single charge. If Chrome’s Power Saving Mode is enabled, Google promises up to 30 minutes more browsing time bonusan advantage that should reach older MacBook users as well.

How Google beefed up Chrome for MacBooks

The initial adjustment was made to iFrames, which are tags that allow other pages to be opened from a home page. Since many of them only take seconds, Google has set the garbage collection and memory compression heuristics in these tags as follows: reduce only short-term memory usageresults in lower energy consumption.

Another change to the Javascript timers changed the way these “timers” are triggered in Chrome. To activate the CPU less frequently. Data structures have also been simplified: access models have been optimized since many of these ways of storing information sets have frequent access with the same key.

Last edit done In the Object Document Model interface (DOM), how the browser represents the web page. With a bot, Google identified patterns of changes that didn’t affect on-screen pixels and changed Chrome to detect them and “skip unnecessary styling, layout, painting, raster, and GPU steps.”

Source: Tec Mundo

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