I tried this portable battery on a trip, I use it almost every day and it only costs 19 euros

It’s the cheapest way to extend the life of your iPhone or iPad during a long day of use.

This battery has a Lightning port for use with iPhone and iPad only.

Any iPhone’s battery (Except for Pro Max models) it has a long lifespan that leaves much to be desired. heavy user. If you’ve been testing the amazing iPhone camera all day or tinkering with all the possibilities of an iPad, you’ve probably noticed: battery does not reach end of day regularly.

I took a trip to the other side of the pond with two iPhones last December and thought about getting an external battery because something like this was going to happen. outside all day use of the hotel and photo/video shooting. I thought of something very portable and bought this battery. integrated lightning port which saved me from many low power moments on my iPhones. It costs just 19 euros on Amazon today Applying 25% coupon Discount before adding to cart.

Lightning external battery (5000 mAh + 20W)

Buy the most useful battery I recommend

is at home and I use it almost every day after the trip.. I usually spend a few hours away from home using my cell phone, and the iPhone’s battery dies easily and fairly quickly with the usage I usually use. But with this accessory Covers like some AirPodsI don’t have a space problem when I carry it in my pocket or in the glove compartment of the car.

iphone lightning battery

With this battery, you can continue to use the iPhone while charging.

It is an external battery that integrates. 5000mAh capacity battery. We’ve got USB-C port for charging we need it every day. On the front we find a male Lightning type plug to connect directly to the female port of the iPhone or iPad. It will start loading when we connect it, if it doesn’t we have a button to enable it manually. Occupies the same width as an iPhone and you will be able to use the phone while charging.

What I did on my long trip use the mobile phone in the morning and at noonduring the meal, 100% uploaded. This is achieved because this battery allows. Up to 20W fast charging if your terminal allows it. And it came in handy as my iPhone supports up to 20W charging.

2x Lightning external batteries (5000 mAh + 20W)

Battery You can find it in various colors, black, white and blue. Even on Amazon you can buy 2 battery packs for only 29.99 euros. bonus coupon A discount of 10 euros in addition to the already applied discount.

Lightning external battery (5000 mAh + 20W)

With 5000mAh integrated this battery gives you to charge any iPhone from 0% to 100% what’s on the market right now. Note that the iPhone with the highest current amperage is the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 4373 mAh. In the case of an iPad, we can get several hours of extra use on a full charge, but never charge from 0% to 100% with this battery.

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