Moreover 250 fossilized titanosaur eggsOne of the largest dinosaurs to ever walk on Earth, was discovered by researchers at the University of Delhi (India). In this case, 92 nests with a total of 256 eggs laid by ancient animals were found in the Lameta Formation in the Narmada Valley, a well-known archaeological site in the central region of the country.

The nursery areas are scattered at various points, about a thousand kilometers long. The discovery revealed the presence of 6 different species that lived in the region during the Late Cretaceous period between 100 and 66 million years ago, indicating greater diversity in that region than previously thought.

Additionally, the innovation brought more information about the living habits of these dinosaurs. Authors of the new study published in the academic journal PLOS ONEHe claims that the arrangement of the nests indicates that titanosaurs buried their eggs in shallow pits, just like crocodiles.

Most of these incubators were found in colonies, as modern birds do, piling up in clusters and in turns in the same area. In this way, close proximity suggests that adult dinosaurs took some care to move around in that environment, having to migrate to other areas to avoid stepping on future babies. Therefore, the offspring were probably born far from their parents and did not have their protection.

The distribution of the eggs revealed more information about the living habits of the dinosaurs.

It is worth noting that titanosaurs, giant herbivores with long necks and tails, lived on all continents before they went extinct. This is confirmed by fossils found in different countries.

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