Apple tablets are a source of sales in their niche. Competitors create samples of devices, but do not maintain databases of cool technologies, explore body materials and convenient chips of the ecosystem.

At the same time, the iPad does not seem like a tablet. The gadget still does not work with Apple Watchhas high autonomy and even requires a standard application Calculator.

Most of the claims and wishes put forward to the iPad are very tangible, but there are three chips that definitely make the apple tablet better.

1. Ability to use calls and send SMS

Back in the early years of waiting for the Apple tablet, the Cupertino people realized that the iPad could compete with the iPhone in the future. It happened when the gadget between the gadgets was a real abyss. Then the current smartphone was Iphone 4 with 3.5 inch display, iPad mini nobody even wrote it down.

But even then, developers at the hardware level blocked the ability to download calls from the iPad. Although previously detected by software.

It was possible to install an application on the first version of the tablet with a GSM module and a jailbreak Telephonereceive and receive phone calls.

Many will rightly note that in the days of instant messengers and social networks, phone calls are practically not needed. But then I replaced my iPhone with an Apple tablet. You will have the same applications, mobile Internet in the iPad version with an LTE module, all apple services and data from your personal account.

However, the inability to make or receive a phone call, receive an SMS message from the bank or a confirmation code for the presence of a cross on this venture. I experienced 2 weeks of using the iPad mini exclusively, the difficulty with making decisions and texting caused the most problems of all.

There are two available solutions: operator applications for talking or virtual number IP telephony. In the first case, it is not possible to receive SMS and choose one of the two operators (MTS or Megafon), and in the second case, you need to use a new phone number with per-second stimulation and reconfigure all the necessary services to it.

Why doesn’t this happen at Apple? at the time of publication Tim Cook in the company everything is managed by marketers. They must be equipped with a gadget, which ports or connectors will appear in it, and which models will receive new software chips.

So iPad mini with prospective phone calls will directly compete with iPhone Plus/Max.. The difference in the dimensions of the devices is not the same, but the screen of the “minicom” is better suited for consumption.

On the other hand, iPhones attract users’ attention: a screen with a higher brightness and Raise,cameras, support Apple Watch and carplay. Significantly dangerous sales of iPhone iPad models with detection of cases of detection and SMS will not be, but they could well find their niche.

2. Profile support for different users

This innovation has been requested for a very long time. Many users purchase one or more tablets for home use and a multi-profile system, which would be a great feature of the iPad.

It would be possible to create multiple protocol protocols and services with accounts and recommendations. Each user could have his own sacrifice and contributions. And a few more people could play the same game and get used to their individual progress.

In addition, you can set up different desktops that differ in device settings, a separate set of restrictions for children or older tablet users.

To the point: How to create profiles for different users on iPad. Historical family member owns account

Thank you Focusing you can configure only the change of desktops and icons on them. There will be no sections inside applications or different tablet options (except for download settings).

A similar system began to be used for business, when a common iPad in an enterprise could be used by different employees with their own set of applications and data.

Why doesn’t this happen at Apple? here again the handwriting of marketers is visible. It is not profitable for Apple to use the same thing for the convenience of multiple users. It is better to sell the iPad to every member of the family.

On the other hand, iPadOS has had a user selection system for several years now. The application is in educational institutions and allows the iPad to be used by a single student with data and settings.

You can only use this model for family use and use a cool feature. iPadOS.

3. Work under macOS

The performance of the latest iPads has long hinted at this. Tablets with M1 / ​​M2 processors should easily pull the launch of macOS with full-fledged applications.

You don’t need to mindlessly transform an iPad into a touch-sensitive MacBook, you should intelligently reformat your line of laptops and tablets. There has long been requested to abandon the models iPad Air and Macbook Air.

Devices ceased to reflect the spirit of progressive and other models were not called. The MacBook Air has lost its wedge-shaped charm, similar in size to the MacBook Pro, and performance is limited by a passive cooling system (which found a place in the same firmware case).

iPad Air interferes with the normal separation of tablet lines. On the one hand, its presence does not allow to actively introduce innovations in the budget iPad, and on the other hand, the model distracts some iPad Pro buyers.

To the point: In iPad tablets, the devil will break his leg, nothing is clear. Time to clean up

If both air lines bother you, then the iPad Pro could have a desktop OS on board. The devices are regular tablets, but the company’s most basic laptops are still available. Users purchase a tablet, and also purchase a keyboard and similar to the MacBook Air, but with a touch display and support. apple pencil.

Ideally, if the developers have allowed system selection when turning on the iPad – full macOS for work or stripped-down iPadOS for games and entertainment.

Why doesn’t this happen at Apple? the possibility of dual booting the OS is not worth even dreaming of. So instead of two Apple gadgets, everyone will buy one more versatile one.

The desktop OS for the iPad is the only Wishlist presented that is still being implemented in Cupertino. According to rumors, programmers are working on a stripped-down sick macOS 14 Mendocinowhich should run on Apple tablets with an M1/M2 chip.

The Stage Manager’s strange multitasking mode proved to be a complete flop at the same time that professional applications like DaVinci Resolve were emerging.

To wait or not to wait for such chips on the iPad?

Sale of tablets by manufacturers from 2011 to 2022

Cupertino unconditionally lead the tablet market, last year every third tablet sold was with an apple on the case. The closest competitor in the face Samsung has twice the sales figure.

On the other hand, Apple lost its grip a little, in 2011 the company occupied 60% of the market. Since that time, competitors have learned to make similar devices, and sometimes even superior to the iPad in some device parameters.

On sale, you can easily find a device with LTE/5G modems and possible telephone conversations, controlled by Window (both x86 and arm architecture). By the way, they allow you to create several separate accounts for different users.

To the point: How to use macOS on iPad without external apps. This hack changes (almost) everything

It’s time for the guys at Apple to use really useful and interesting options to attract new users and motivate owners of long-lived iPads to purchase new tablet models.

Perhaps the first step will be the desktop operating system in the professional iPad line. We will learn about it at the beginning of summer at the next presentation. WWDC.

Source: Iphones RU

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