When operating military equipment with weapons, but in sai with rezvani avengeance, everything is exactly the opposite – this civilian SUV was designed by the line And yes, it may well accidentally kill the people around.

Rezvani avengeance is built on the basis of the Cadillac climac SUV, and not even the visa final. Video game participants participated in its creation, so it was fun to ram the rest of the DWI participants on it. Polia won’t stop you

The SUV also has EMP protection, thermal imagers and explosives detectors for safe movement in unfamiliar terrain. He can set up a smoke screen, deafen the siren to the point of loss of hearing, and dazzle everyone with assault strobe lights to the point of loss of sight – and spray pepper spray on those who get too close. Magnetic bolts reliably block the doors – in addition, burglars are beaten by stun guns, which are placed in the handle.

Inside rezvani avengeance there is a military-style leak, bulletproof vests and helmets, gas masks, an autonomous system. The cost of a natural miracle of technology, depending on the configuration, is $ 285-499 tons.

Revenge of Rezvani

Source: Tech Cult

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