TikTok users got more customization options for direct messages. ByteDance short video app released more DM modes, including messages from someone else or not receiving them from anyone.

The functionality isn’t necessarily new, as it became available in November last year. But now TikTok has started sending emails informing users about the options.

Updating the DM mod is pretty simple. In your profile, press the sandwich menu on the right side of the screen and enter “Settings and privacy”. Then click on “Privacy” and there “Direct Messages”.

At the top, you can see options for everyone, suggested friends, followers you follow and people you message, and finally no one. Separately, there is an option to filter messages sending requests..

The change removes TikTok from YouTube, which only has the comment option on Shorts and makes the video platform much more similar to social networksLike Instagram or Snapchat.

Source: Tec Mundo

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