Investigators of DJ Valentina Trespalacios crime They believe they have enough evidence to prove that he was the victim of an aggravated femicide. Part of the investigation is the young woman’s trip to Aruba in 2022.

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One of his friends, Trespalacios He told Poulos, whom he had met a year ago, that he was going to a concert.; But a photo on social networks ignited the anger of the 35-year-old North American.

According to the testimonies of a friend of Trespalacios, Poulos was to make a $1,000 shipment from the United States to Valentina.however, she had gone to Aruba with a young man named Santiago with whom she had an affair.

Valentina had been to Aruba with Santiago, so she didn’t know how to make sure John wouldn’t notice she was there.; Then Valentina told him she had a finger in there somewhere else, and that was when she told him she needed the money and to send the money to me, that’s when John sent me the money through the Money Gram clearing house,” the young woman said. She supported the prosecution.

And he added thatHe (Poulos) checked his friends on Instagram, looked who he was following, once sent us to follow him, hired a private detective. To follow us, electronic music awards at an event we are holding here in Bogotá”.

Opinions claim Valentina shared a photo from her Aruba trip and Poulos realized she was with Santiago. and not at the event as it says.

According to the prosecution’s statement, Valentina began her relationship with Santiago since November 2022.He would even tell this young man that he would live alone in an apartment near 93rd Street..

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Two more people who have already heard the inspectors, They stated that although they were not close to the couple, the American would voice their doubts about Valentina..

Make sure young woman close that the iPhone (which Poulos will give him) is the key to the investigation.Even though I don’t have a SIM card cards When El Dorado is dumped near the airport, forensic experts try to recover information that may have been deleted.

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As EL TIEMPO explained, a surveillance supervisor found it and was about to sell it for 550,000 pesos.

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