The new functionality is designed for sellers and at no cost to the buyer. A potential buyer does not need to pay for the delivery of clothes to the authentication center and for back-verification. Also, clothing will only be checked with the seller’s approval.

Authentication of the brand for authenticity will be carried out in an online format only. Based on the evaluation of the photographs submitted by the seller, a professional appraiser reviews the product with a series of photographs taken according to specific requirements and gives an opinion on the authenticity of the product. Authentication is carried out by partner Avito, one of the international leaders in the market for checking fashion products.

Each product is checked by two to four experienced validators. After successfully passing the check, the ad receives a special “Original” badge, and also falls into a separate filter of the same name on the site.

All categories of clothing are available for authentication, with the exception of children, from the mass market to the luxury segment, more than 90 popular brands, the next price range is from 3 to 150 thousand rubles.

During the launch of the functionality, Avito will provide the service without payment from the vendor, so that the vendors can recognize it and evaluate the functionality, and in the future the service will become paid.

Avito is currently checking the authenticity of shoes and accessories.

Source: Ferra

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