This Whats up recently received a major update that brings a long-awaited innovation: message responses. The innovation found in other messaging apps like Slack is already available in the latest versions of Meta messenger.

Currently, there are six emojis that can be used in messages in message reactions: ????????????. More options should be adopted in the future, according to those responsible for implementation.

As long as the app is updated on the device that is receiving and sending the chat, the stickers will appear just below the messages. So, to start using the innovation, it is very important that you verify that your WhatsApp is on the latest version for Android and iOS.

If you want to get into the new wave of WhatsApp reactions, check out the tutorial on how to use the function below:

How to use reactions in WhatsApp for mobile?

1 – Make sure your app is on the latest version;

2 – Select a message in a group or personal chat and press the text bubble;

whatsapp response

3 – When the reaction emojis appear, choose one of the six options;

4 – The reaction emoji will appear below the message. To remove it, simply press the message again.

Currently, WhatsApp message reactions are only available in the mobile version of the messenger. However, Meta is already doing some testing to implement the innovation on WhatsApp Web.

Source: Tec Mundo

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