I have been using the Apple Watch Series 5 for about three years, plus or minus since the start of sales. During this time, the watch was noticeably lost in appearance, and the battery inside it almost died. The clock is not inspected until the evening and persistently asks for rest. 😢

What to change for if you want to get something new?

I thought for a long time about some stupid watches, but it’s boring. Borrowing smart wearables from outside brands in the Apple ecosystem is a no-brainer. Apple Watch does not experience emotions. Only the Apple Watch Ultra remains.

On the one hand, they have absolutely everything for which we all love the Apple Watch so much. On the other hand, the Ultra model is devoid of the shortcomings that are present in the entire line.

In general, I advise the Apple Watch Ultra. I will always explain why they are so good against the background of any other Apple Watch and not only.

1. Apple Watch Ultra allows you to not use sockets at all

Apple Watch Ultra

It’s hard to say exactly how Apple evaluates the battery life of their smartwatches. But, according to the company, they work up to 18 hours, and the Ultra model pulls up to 36.

On the occasion of the day, the Apple Watch, with active attention-grabbing, has always paid special attention to the fact that I usually live to see the following evenings. It’s about 36 hours.

The Apple Watch Ultra should last up to 3 days with similar usage.

It seems to me that this is more than Enough even for long business trips or on vacation when access to an outlet may not even be a couple of days.

The most autonomous Apple Watch ever made

At the same time, it is important to understand that, of course, there are more “long-lasting” smartwatches on the market. However, they are usually very heavily cut in functional aircraft, or fitted with transflective screens, as in e-books.

These can not be removed for a couple of weeks. But the pleasure of using them becomes noticeably less.

▶︎ Conclusion: Apple Watch Ultra’s accurate battery life while maintaining its full range of features is considered the most important.

2. Apple’s new smartwatch design is truly impressive

New design, emotional aggressiveness, impressive

The Apple Watch hasn’t changed much in appearance since 2015, with the release of the first model. The device retains the shape of a parallelepiped with round corners, the screen is almost the entire front panel and a set of sensors on the back.

The Apple Watch Ultra has actually become a rethinking of the look of the company’s smartwatches. They have increased in parameters, received more aggressive elements, a larger Digital Crown and even increased gain.

Always gravitated towards larger wearable devices, so when buying the next Apple Watch, I was never 100% satisfied.

Large Apple Watch personally I like more than small

On a man’s hand larger Apple Watch Ultra screen is more appropriatethan any small ones. Moreover, knowledgeable and many girls who also made a choice in favor of this model.

It is also important to understand that the Apple Watch Ultra is not only appropriate as a sports accessory. Even with standard straps, the watch is quite normal in the city, in the office and in general anywhere. With a steel strap I saw them even under a suit: quite to myself.

▶︎ Conclusion: Apple Watch Ultra is interesting for its more aggressive appearance and rather massive format, which was not previously available.

3. The brightest screen is the most relevant for the street

Apple Watch Ultra has the best screen of any smartwatch on the market right now

Peak brightness set to Apple Watch Ultrascreen drops to 2000 nits. This is especially true with the active collection of smartwatches on the street in the summer.

In a regular Apple Watch, the brightness can reach 1000 nits, 2 times less. This is also often enough, but, to be honest, under direct rays, the text on a dark background becomes unreadable.

Of course, in practice it is difficult to say that the screen in the Apple Watch Ultra is so light. Yes, the information on the street is probably better, but a twofold increase is not visible. But on my own the effect is obvious.

Personally, I usually need a watch either on the street or while driving. In the individual use of the MacBook, I most often simply remove any wearable gadgets. That is why high brightness is considered high sensitivity.

▶︎ Conclusion: With up to 2,000 nits of peak magnification, the Apple Watch Ultra’s display remains legible even in direct sunlight, and that’s important.

4. Sapphire crystal and titanium make it easy to take care of the watch.

Damage to Apple Watch Ultra during use is not an easy task

In conventional Apple Watch models with an aluminum case, the bulky tempered protective glass is very scratched. The Ion-X technology they use is better achieved with punches rather than disruptions.

Steel models of Apple Watch use sapphire protective glass, which is practically not scratched. But here’s a shiny stainless steel case tightly hides an unpleasant “pattern” and hides in periodic polishing.

Apple Watch Ultra on most pairs of models Sapphire protective glass is almost not scratched. The same applies to the matte titanium case.

Moreover, it is important to replace that the screen is also slightly recessed in the casetherefore it is reliably protected by a titanic board.

Plus, titanium is a fairly light metal, so watches made of it do not pull the hand. They are not felt on the wrist after a couple of hours of use.

▶︎ Conclusion: Apple Watch Ultra does not need to carefully store the collection and any artificial protection means such as covers or films. For this, they are a big plus.

5. All-new straps aren’t just for athletes

In the photo, the bracelet “Ocean”, designed for water sports

What else is interesting about the Apple Watch Ultra is that it is absolutely announced by the straps. Of course, they can be bought separately and used together with other manufacturers’ smartwatches, but they are not displayed appropriately with them.

Apple has created three new straps for smartwatches: “Alpine loop” for hiking, “Travel loop” for running, “Ocean” for use in water with or without a diving suit.

From left to right: “Alpine Loop”, “Travel Loop”, “Oceanic”

I doubt that in fact more than 5-10% of owners will use the Apple Watch Ultra straps for their intended purpose. Here you need to choose according to appearance and use.

For example, I personally Most of all I like the “Alpine Loop” in green. It looks unusual, cool and does not immediately catch the eye when thinking about hardcore sports.

By the way, it is important to note that any strap from large models of smart watches from manufacturers will fit the Apple Watch Ultra. Many of them have already gathered a lot, so this is a definite plus.

▶︎ Conclusion: with other Apple Watch straps from Ultra is quite ridiculous, so I personally like the model also thanks to them.

In general, if you change your Apple Watch, then only to Ultra

Specifically, it is very important for me to describe everything above the chips, so I choose the Apple Watch Ultra

Offline work. Apple has seen 36 hours of battery life, but with average usage, the mental clock shows up to 3 days late. This is 2 times more than in the Apple Watch.

New massive design. With the Apple Watch Ultra, the company reimagined the design of its smartwatches for the first time. The device has received a more aggressive appearance, which many people like.

The brightest screen. The peak brightness of the Apple Watch Ultra display has dropped to 2,000 nits, twice that of a regular Apple Watch. It is clearly visible under the sun’s rays.

practicality of materials. The sapphire crystal covering the screen is practically scratch-resistant. The same applies to the uncoated matte titanium case.

Very cool straps. The straps are unusual and compatible. They are comfortable for everyday wear and work awkwardly with regular Apple smartwatches.

Apple has succeeded in depriving its smartwatch of flaw detection. Most importantly, the company has made them more massive, autonomous and textured in the collection due to the bright screen and an additional button.

At the same time, despite the positioning of the manufacturer, the device does not look too sporty and extreme. It can be official on a daily basis. In general, I choose Apple Watch Ultra and I advise you. 👍

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