This approximately 40,000mAh external battery is on sale for a limited time

The QTShine Power Bank has fast charging and three USB-C ports.

The external battery from the manufacturer QTshine has a very elegant and compact design.

External batteries for iPhone are extremely important because they give users extend battery life on your devices in case of emergency. Which, when we think about it, could even save your life. It is a priority at these times.

Imagine being in a dangerous situation where you have to call emergency services, however, oops, your iPhone battery just died. What do we do in these situations? That’s what external batteries are for. We just plug it in and voila, we have hours of additional battery.

There are many external batteries on the market, and the vast majority of them are compatible with iPhone and many other Android smartphones. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to know which portable battery might be best for us. If that’s the case, don’t worry, we have the ideal offer for you. a battery 36,800 mAh just for €35,95 It’s on Amazon and has fast charging!

QTshine Q6 368

QTShine Q6 368: the perfect external battery for your iPhone

One of QTshine’s power bank very compact design very durable materials and a LED indicator shows battery status. On the other hand, it has three USB-C ports to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

has as much capacity. 36,800 mAh, which ensures that you don’t have to worry about running out of battery for hours. It is also compatible with: fast charge 2.1A.

Perhaps as a drawback, we can say that it is too heavy for an external portable battery. We are talking about a product with weight. 400 grams. External batteries need to be small in order to be taken anywhere in the most convenient way, but because they have a capacity of 36,800 mAh, it is difficult to reduce their weight.

The regular price of the QTshine Q6 368 external battery is €39.95, but is currently available for a limited time and is available at a 10% discount off the original price. €35,95.

QTshine Q6 368

In short, this external battery for iPhone and other smartphones from brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei a very high energy capacity, has a great design and all this is complemented by the fast charging function. Totally recommended.

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