OpenAI announced today (30) that ChatGP has gained new features in its operation. Chatbot with artificial intelligence received improvements in reality and improved mathematical abilitiesIt makes the answers even more convincing.

Information on the list explained release notes organization that develops and works on technology. However, further details and examples of how the new features might work in practice were not provided.

The last ChatGPT update was three weeks ago on January 9th. At that time, the tool was updated with more conversational topics and better feedback response based on user history.

As a “billions of dollars” of resources go into OpenAI, the solution is getting better and better. Last week, Microsoft announced the extension of its partnership with the nonprofit.

Before that, the company that created the Windows operating system has already announced that Azure OpenAI Service will be available to all users and that the platform will be integrated with ChatGPT.

Source: Tec Mundo

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